Canadian Search


    • Canadian SAR Program
    • Human factors: physical, psychological demands
    • Environment: Weather, animals
    • First Aid and Survival Skills: Psychology of Survival
    • Transportation and Equipment Safety: personal, marine, snowmobile
    • Navigation: compass, GPS
    • Communication: alerting technologies, radio operations
    • Lost-Person Behaviour: relevance to GSAR tactics
    • Search Theory: strategies and tactics
    • Specialized Resources: Unmanned Aerial Systems, canine, aviation
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    • Program: SAR Structure, Incident Command System
    • Human factors: Leadership, Risk Management
    • Environment: Weather, animals
    • First aid and survival skills: First Aid in the search environment
    • Transportation and equipment safety
    • Navigation: Compass, GPS and maps
    • Communication: Awareness of role of field communications during an incident
    • Lost-person behaviour
    • Search: Search Theory
    • Specialized resources
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    • Program: essentials of effective search management
    • Roles and responsibilities: Management and leadership, roles of a SAR Manager
    • Planning: SAR preplanning, resource management, information management
    • Implementation: establishing search area, segmenting
    • Search operations: Briefing, debriefing
    • Post mission: after action report
    • Technology and specialized resources: management of technology and specialized resources
    • Urban searches: Managing an Urban Search
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