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Silva Compass Expedition S

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Keep your adventures on track. With a sighting mirror and clinometer you can chart your course and gauge slope angles and make height estimates.

  • 0°-360-degree high-visibility dial with large numerals at every 20-degree mark is easy to read in challenging conditions.
  • Sighting mirror lets to keep an eye on your destination while plotting your route. Mirror can also be used in emergencies for signalling.
  • 1:25:000 and 1:50:000 scales, GPS scales, centimeter/millimetre/inch rules.
  • Scale lanyard (1:25k and 1:50K) takes guesses out of plotting, and as a break-away lanyard it is safe and convenient for carrying.
  • Clinometer allows you to measure slope angle and make distance and height estimations.
  • Slope card helps you gauge difficulty of ascents and assess avalanche risk.
  • DryFlex™ rubberized mirror housing and bezel is easy to use with or without gloves.
  • Adjustable declination.
  • Declination scale.
  • Clear baseplate with magnification lens for easy mapping and plotting.
  • Silicone feet keep the compass from shifting.